Increasing demand for methanol and nitrogen fertilisers in export markets makes Russian producers strive to increase the output. Annual Russian methanol production comprises over 4 million tonnes, while according to the Development Strategy of Russian Chemical and Petrochemical Complexes, expected growth of methanol production equals up to over 8 million tonnes by 2030. The Road Map of Mineral Fertiliser Production in Russia before 2025 anticipates gradual increase of mineral fertiliser output in Russia (from 11.7 million tonnes in 2020 to 12.3 million tonnes in 2025). The total of 20 projects for construction of new and modernisation of existing methanol, ammonia and nitrogen fertiliser facilities were announced for development before 2030. Overall project investment comprises over $25 billion.

Learn more about development drivers of nitrogen fertiliser, ammonia and methanol industry in Russia, as well as about investment projects for construction and modernisation of production capacities in the sector.


Outlooks and development opportunities of nitrogen fertiliser, ammonia and methanol production in Russia in the upcoming 10 years

Planned investment projects for construction of new and modernisation of existing production capacities with the timeframe: 2020-2030

The most demanded innovative technologies and solutions for the industry

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    Tatiana Titova

    Lead Financial Manager, RS Group


    Construction of a large gas-to-chemicals complex in the conditions of global economic changes on the example of methanol plant project of RS Group Holding

    Valentina Kolodinskaya

    NIIK, Commercial Director


    Overview of NIIK's nitrogen and methanol projects

    Irina Petrova

    Director of Development, FlotMethanol


    Development of a project for floating methanol plants in the Extreme North conditions


    Alexandra Tyumentseva
    Programme Producer
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    Svetlana Pipina
    Marketing Manager
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    «Modernisation and expansion
    of production capacities in Russian
    nitrogen and methanol industries»

    27 April, 14:00 (MSC)

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