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Chimcomplex is the main producer and supplier of vital chemicals in Romania, specialized in Polyols, Chloralcalis and Oxo Alcohols A strategic asset of the Romanian economy, adding value to national resources: salt, natural gas, crude oil derivatives. A private chemical company with a long tradition, developing quality products for a better life and a sustainable future. The company has approx. 2000 employees and operates the largest chemical plant in Romania, having two industrial platforms in Onesti and Râmnicu Valcea and is the largest exporter with Romanian private capital We continuously invest in new technology to increase efficiency while keeping environment protection and sustainability at the core of our strategy. We manufacture and market inorganic and organic chemicals. As an “industry of industries” we help downstream industries and value chains to achieve their goals. We are part of the progress, we sustainably produce the materials that society needs to grow.


3-5th Presei Libere Square, City Gate South Tower, 17th floor, District 1, Bucharest, Romania


Oleg Melnikov

Executive Vice President – Head of Contract Support Department

Igor Smirnov

Deputy Head of Contract Support Department

Vladimir Valyagin

Head of Division for O&G Contract Support - Contract Support Department

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