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Investment Projects

Expansion of production capacity

REGION: Kemerovo, Russia


INVESTMENT: ₽115 billion

DATES: 2028 - 2031

STAGE: 2024 - commencement of the project on reconstruction of units involved in nitric acid production

The capacity of future production facilities will be 3.500 tonnes of ammonia per day (or 1.226 million tonnes per annum) and 4.200 tonnes of granulated carbamide per day (or 1.422 million tonnes per annum). It is also planned to commission production of liquid carbon dioxide (50,000 tonnes per annum) and granulated ammonium sulphate (250,000 tonnes per annum). Total investment in the construction of new ammonia and granulated carbamide units, as well as a number of other production facilities at Azot is estimated at ₽115 billion.

Methanol and nitrogen fertiliser production plant

REGION: Nakhodka, Russia

COMPANY (OPERATOR / INITIATOR): Nakhodka Mineral Fertiliser Plant

INVESTMENT: $6.3 billion

DATES: 2025 (reaching the design capacity of Phase I of the project - methanol)

JSC Nakhodka Mineral Fertiliser Plant is realising a project to build a large, modern methanol and nitrogen fertiliser production complex in the Nakhodka Urban District of Primorsky Krai. The plant plans to produce 1.8 million tonnes of methanol (Phase 1) and 3 million tonnes of carbamide (Phase 2) annually. The plant's cash costs per tonne are among the lowest in the world. The project is supported by Russian state-owned banks, local authorities and the federal government.


REGION: Mendeleevsky district of the Tatarstan Republic, Russia


INVESTMENT: €1.5 billion

DATES: 2027

STAGE: 2023 - preliminary design is completed and preparations for the development of design documentation are underway

The production complex will be established on the basis of the existing one and involves the construction of new workshops with modern energysaving ammonia and carbamide production units, as well as related infrastructure facilities. Production capacity will be 1.2 million tonnes of ammonia and 1.75 million tonnes of carbamide. The production is planned to be commissioned in 2027 (it is noted that the commissioning period may be extended).

Modernisation of workshops

REGION: Grodno, Belarus


INVESTMENT: $270 million

STAGE: 2023 - active stage of modernisation

Modernisation of Ammonia-3 and Ammonia-4 shops at Grodno Azot will increase production volumes to 2,100 tonnes per day. The increase in the capacity of both shops provides for an increase of more than 313,000 tonnes of commercial ammonia per annum, which in the future can be processed into other mineral fertilisers. This will make it possible to produce an additional 288,000 tonnes per annum in active substance to the existing volume of mineral fertilisers. About $270 million are required to modernise the workshops. For this purpose, the company's funds and internal credit resources will be used.

Production of nitrogen fertilisers

REGION: Aktobe region, Kazakhstan


INVESTMENT: $1.43 billion

DATES: 2023 - 2028

STAGE: 2023 – selection of licensor

KazMunayGaz launched a large-scale project to establish a nitrogen fertiliser production facility in Kazakhstan. A carbamide plant with a capacity of 1.3 million tonnes is planned to be built between 2023 and 2028. The company plans to invest $1.43 billion in the plant. The plant is planned to be located in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan. The selection of a licensor is currently underway. The new production will be oriented to external markets.

Carbamide production plant

REGION: Tajikistan


INVESTMENT: $300 million

Chinese company Rongzhong Holding will invest more than $300 million in the construction of a new carbamide plant in Tajikistan. The capacity of the new plant will be 300,000 tonnes of carbamide per annum.

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