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LLC PE EcoTechnoProm

About the company

Main activities: chemical cleaning of industrial equipment and pipelines

LLC PE EcoTechnoProm provides services for pre-commissioning chemical cleaning of pipelines and process equipment, furnaces, boilers, columns, heat exchange equipment at the plants under construction in the oil and gas chemical industry, energy, food industry, etc.

LLC PE EcoTechnoProm, being the only manufacturer of reagents in Russia - Biorenex provides services for the safe chemical cleaning of process equipment, heat exchangers from sediment, rust, silt and other deposits without disassembling systems and heating units at operating industrial enterprises.

Taking into account the use of innovative, environmentally friendly products, enterprises have made it possible to increase the efficiency of cleaning heating systems and technological equipment, reduce labor costs, eliminate unsafe mechanical and hydraulic effects on equipment in the process of cleaning it from scale and deposits.

The quality of Biorenex technology was appreciated by hundreds of enterprises of the petrochemical, food, processing, metallurgical, nuclear, energy industries in Russia and Europe, thousands of housing and communal services and other industries.


58 Masgut Latypov Str., the city of Kazan, Russia, 420097



Oleg Melnikov

Executive Vice President – Head of Contract Support Department

Igor Smirnov

Deputy Head of Contract Support Department

Vladimir Valyagin

Head of Division for O&G Contract Support - Contract Support Department

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