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SARV Oil & Gas Industries Development Company

SARV Oil & Gas Industries Development Company is the first producer of high performance catalysts in Iran. The company was established in 2003, basically intended to develop GTL process. We’ve achieved great success in GTL in both process and catalyst and launched a 1-3 Barrels per day demonstration plant located in our factory. Since the catalytic nature of GTL process, SARV started its activities in the field of catalyst both in R&D and mass production mainly in field of synthesis gas production and Fischer-Tropsch catalyst. Due to our high quality catalyst products, we’ve become a leading brand in oil refining, petrochemicals and steel industries. Now more than 65% of steam reformers in ammonia and methanol plants as well as Iranian refineries are working by Sarv steam reforming catalysts. Also more than 45% of sponge Iron in Iran is produced by Sarv DRI catalysts.