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Major activity: transshipment of petroleum products and methanol The facility has ideal location: the Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Bruzgi settlement (1.5 km from the Poland boarder).

“VILARIS” is a resident of “Grodnoinvest” Free Economic Zone. Transshipment of several products: Diesel fuel with sulfur content not exceeding 10 ppn Methanol Storage of diesel fuel and methanol Besides, we are considering the opportunity to transship various petrochemical products, bulk fertilisers and LPG.

TRANSFER OF DIESEL FUEL: straight from the tank to the tank; through the tank farm with a nominal volume of simultaneous storage of 4 RVSs of 5000 m3 each; TRANSMISSION CAPACITY per year - 1 700 LLC TONN TRANSSHIPMENT OF METHANOL: direct from tank to tank; through the tank farm with a nominal volume of simultaneous storage of 2 RVS of 5000 m3 each; Transshipment CAPACITY per year - 800 LLC TONN To date, a warehouse for bulk cargoes is being commissioned. Warehouse square equals 600 m3, with the opportunity for loading and unloading of motor vehicles.


231701, Grodno region, Grodno district, Odel village Council, “Petroleum products transshipment facility in Brugzi of the Grodno district”, ABK of. 1

+375 (44) 513-38 68
+375 (29) 180-60-46


Oleg Melnikov

Executive Vice President – Head of Contract Support Department

Igor Smirnov

Deputy Head of Contract Support Department

Vladimir Valyagin

Head of Division for O&G Contract Support - Contract Support Department

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