Significant platform for the leaders of nitrogen, methanol, ammonia and mineral fertilisers manufacturing plants


WAMGROUP is the global market leader in Screw Conveyors and amongst the most prominent players in the field of Bulk Solids Handling & Processing Equipment, Dust filtration, Waste Water Treatment and Renewable Energy Generation. The company founded in Modena, Italy, in 1968, employs some 2,100 people at more than 60 locations in 40 countries.

WAMGROUP equipment, such as screw conveyors, dust filters, automatic and manual bag splitters, big-bag dischargers, telescopic spouts, mixers, different kind of valves, level indicators, bucket elevators, and other, is widely used in building and construction, in feed and food sectors, in chemical industry, in fertilizers manufacturing along steps of technologic process from raw materials storages to final bulk products discharge and load.

WAMGROUP aims to produce market-oriented solutions, tailored for a variety of industries. Industrial quality and an excellent price-performance ratio make WAMGROUP equipment the ideal choice for project engineers and provide customers all over the world with the best deal available on the market.